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Who are we? Exceptional terroir, distinctive world of taste, human destiny, age-old traditions and the organic texture of a unmatched cellar. A means in the hands of nature so that organic, quality wines may be crafted to the delight of people.

Why organic? The word „organic“ is of Greek origin, meaning „the thing that works, that lives“. In our creed, the wine that really works and lives is made of grapes grown under truely environmental friendly conditions without using chemical fertilizers, toxic or synthetic material. The peculiarity of the wines from Steigler Winery is the essence of the centuries-old tradition of winemaking. That is the secret of our wines of outstanding quality.


The whole Fertő region is hooked around the mistery of the magic number of three. The soil is composed of three main elements, out of which the most interesting is the mica schist, occuring in the upper layers/topsoil (of the soil)only here in Hungary. The other two complementing elements are limestone and forest soil, rich in humus. The three together form a unique and extraordinary soil structure, which lends our wines distinctive  character.

The microclimate is decisively influenced by Lake Fertő (Fertő-tó), the westernmost saline, salt lake of our continent. Though the wine region is located at the northermost borderline of viticulture, the cold in winter is mildered and the heat in summer is eased thanks to the body of water of Lake Fertő. The excessive humidity, caused by the vicinity of the Lake is moderated by the continuous breezes originating from the Alps, especially from the nearby Schneeberg, creating ideal conditions for viticulture and winemaking.  Lake Fertő, the slopes of the Soproni Mountains and the snow-covered peaks of the Schneeberg, respectively the winds blowing from there influence the climate conditions of this area.

Foto: Réka Halászi


People settling here even before the Romans were inspired to plant grapevine and make wine by the unique soil and microclimate. According to written sources, the Celts were the first to taste the incomparable flavour of the wines from the Fertő region. Therefore it can rightly be said that the Steigler Winery is located in the oldest wine region of Hungary, and carries on the age old traditions by making organic wines.

The Celtic heritage was then enriched and passed on to the upcoming generations by the Romans. The ancient tradition of making wine was carried on to this day by the Bavarian settlers locating here as early as 11th century, and arriving in further waves during the 14th-15th century.


Our winery rests on the shoulders of two charismatic people, the owner, Lőrinczy Bálint, and the estate manager, Varga Tamás, both considering the trinity of naturality, traditions, quality as their main mission.

The owner of the Steiger Estate Winery is Bálint Lőrinczy. His mother’s family, the Töröks is from Rust (Ruszt), Sopron respectively. As a wealthy civilian family they owned, among others, vineyard estate. Bálint remembers, his childhood, when every single Sunday it was a topic of conversation over the family lunch table “how good it was to drink their own wine from Rust, and how delicious it was”. The memory, imprinted in his remembrance was complemented with the respect for quality wine, which has always been part of their family culture. His predecessors have been making wine in this region for several hundreds of years with the exception of the last 100 years, a pause due to historic events. It has started to increasingly interest him to reintroduce and to revive the tradition. That is how the Steigler Estate Winery was founded.

Tamás Varga, the Vintner of the Estate Winery was born in the Sopron wine region himself. Besides respecting tradition, organic winemaking is at the heart of his interest. As once the poncichter youth, he visited the important international wine regions. He spent several years with famous vintners in Austria, California and New Zealand. Thus, armed with the wide knowledge of organic farming, new wine technologies and the most up-to-date trends he returned to Sopron. He took over the complex professional management of the Estate Winery from 2018. Since then he has been developing the Steigler Organic Estate Winery with the Owner, based on their common values, making high quality, natural wines. In addition to this they have started exciting, new projects such as the reintroduction of the Furmint, once being the main grape variety of the region.


The grapes for the  wines, produced in outstanding quality by Steigler Winery is ensured by its own, organic vineyard of 21 hectars. The vineyard is located in the sites named Steiger, Frettner and Spern Steiner in the best areas of the Sopron wine region.

The basis for the plantations is provided by Green Veltliner, Zweigelt, Blue Franc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, complemented with the newly planted Cabernet Franc, Syrah and the „Crown Jewel“, Furmint.
An exciting project of the Winery is the reintroduction of the Furmint, as it was a variety predominant in the Sopron wine region until the beginning of the 20th century.  Hardly known, that Aszu-wine was crafted from Furmint here in the Sopron wine region first in Hungary, ahead of Tokaj by 200 years. The Steigler Furmint of Sopron, the wine engendered by the incomparable, peculiar mica schist, has a more explicit smell/scent? and totally different virtues than similar wines originating from vulcanic soil.


Steigler Winery can be found in the heart of the Poncichter neighbourhood, in Balfi Street, at the outskirts of downtown Sopron. The cellar system, carrying all local characteristics was carved out under dwelling-houses several hundred years ago. Throughout the stormy centuries of history the Poncichters (jokingly bean growers) were on the opinion that the safest is to keep their most valuable treasure, their wine, under their houses. It even made easier to sell wine. Unique signs were used to make the citizens know whether they had wine to offer, and what type it was. The building of the Steigler Winery was left to us from that age, however, the trace of the hands of the different generations could be detected. Following considerable reconstruction, however, it opened its gates again to customers, wine-tastings and visitors in 2020.


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Bálint Lőrinczy
Owner, CEO
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Tamás Varga
Director of Vineyard and Winery
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marketing manager
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Sales Manager
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